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Adobe Academy Visual Design

Adobe Academy Visual Design is a project based class using the Adobe Creative CC Software, with a focus on Photoshop, InDesign, and Illustrator. The goal of this class is to achieve certification in all three. We will work through various tutorial guides and lessons to learn all the aspects of the software. Also, the students will create large projects throughout the semester.

Adobe Academy Visual Design Syllabus
Digital Media 1

This course is intended to further students knowledge in the field of Digital Media with hands-on projects and “real world” activities. Students develop an e-portfolio containing their projects related to personal career goals developed in this course through guided practice and independent practices. This course is based upon the development of a specific set of skills that would be required in the field of Digital Media.This skill set can be broken down into five specific competencies or skills areas:

1) Graphic design

2) Animation

3) Audio

4) Video

5) Web design

Digital Media Syllabus

Daily Schedule:

Fall Semester 2017:
1st Period: Adobe Visual Design
2nd Period: Adobe Visual Design
3rd Period: Planning
4th Period: Digital Media I

Spring Semester 2018:
1st Period: Digital Media 1
2nd Period: Planning
3rd Period: Adobe Visual Design
4th Period: Digital Media 1