Honors Biology Class Overview

Honors Biology Syllabus

Mrs. Graham

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Biology, The Dynamics of Life, Glencoe Science

Supplemental online texts: CK-12 and Apex Learning (username:  ACSlunch#)


Students will work in cooperative groups, perform labs, and learn about cells, the molecular basis of heredity, biological evolution, interdependence of organisms, matter and energy, and organization in living systems and the behavior of organisms.   At the end of the semester students will take the NC Biology EOC.


  • Collaboratively create presentations to communicate explanations based on evidence derived from your work

  • Investigate and form conclusions during labs using the scientific method

  • Use science vocabulary in your written responses

  • Learn common scientific prefixes, suffixes and roots to figure out meanings of vocabulary.

  • Gain an understanding of the structure and function of cells; how energy flows through living systems and how organisms respond and adapt in order to survive.

Supplies Needed:

1 composition Book (100 pages)



Homework assignments  will be given on Monday and  turned in by Friday.  Assignments will involve choices for students to select the way they want to show understanding and mastery of content (draw about it, write about it, create a presentation, a talk show script, write lyrics for a song, build a model, etc.).  Students will also be expected to study vocabulary words (they can use quizlet.com) and notes daily.


Notebooks will be graded at the end of each unit.  Composition books are preferred, 100 pages.  The notebook will be split into sections for each unit and a section for warmups/bellringers that show understanding of content.  Students should use these notebooks to study for tests and quizzes.

Learning Targets:

Students will be given a daily learning target to help them self-assess whether they have gained understanding on the objective that needs to be mastered.   Learning targets will be posted on the board each day in the form of an “I can…” statement.  Students will also be given a unit guide at the beginning of each unit that will address learning targets and vocabulary that should be mastered by the end of the unit.



Weekly quizzes will assess student knowledge on vocabulary and current content and a test (multiple choice and essay) at the end of each unit checks for mastery.  Students not achieving 65% or higher will be expected to attend after school tutoring for reteach/retest sessions.  Labs will be completed during class and students will be expected to use their lab data to answer questions and draw conclusions.  Lab write-ups must be turned in on time.

Tests:  40%

Quizzes:  30%

Classwork & Homework:  30%

Informal and formal assessments work together to show the student’s progress.

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