Dress Code

There will be one change to the student dress code  for the coming 2013-2014 school year.  Shorts and skirts must have less than 5 inches from the bottom of the garment to the crease in the back of the knee.

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Asheboro City Schools Student Dress Code
Revised Spring 2009
All students and parents have the right to determine what the student wears unless the student’s appearance or clothing:
• Is substantially disruptive;
• Is provocative or obscene;
• Endangers the health or safety of the student or others;
• Is gang-related; or
• Violates the reasonable dress code adopted and publicized by the school. For example, a school might prohibit the wearing of hats while indoors or clothing that advertises products that are illegal in school, such as drugs, alcohol, or tobacco products. It is the responsibility of the schools to foster good habits of dress and grooming just as it is their responsibility to maintain an atmosphere conducive to optimal learning. It is in the interest of pride in one’s self, school, and community for the students in the Asheboro City Schools to be encouraged and expected to dress safely, cleanly, and decently. Acceptable Standards for Clothing or Appearance Asheboro City Schools respects the right of the student to choose his/her dress style and appearance. Certain guidelines need to be observed in order to create a wholesome school
environment. Student dress and appearance shall not be hazardous to the health or safety of anyone in the school community; nor shall it have a negative effect on or be disruptive to the educational process.
• Clothing or jewelry which advertises products that would be illegal such as drugs, tobacco, and alcohol products, as well as any clothing which depicts statements or pictures that would be offensive to the mores of the community of Asheboro will not be permitted. Clothing recognized as being related to a group or gang, such as rolled up pant legs or bandanas will not be allowed. No clothing or insignia that can be denoted as membership in a gang will be allowed.
• No items that could be used as a weapon, such as large chains and fishhooks are allowed.
• At all times, personal decency, dignity, self-respect and respect for others should dictate
student dress.