Tim Allgood


Tim Allgood

Welcome to English 9!

I am glad to be at Asheboro High School again this year.  This is my thirty-sixth year as an educator.  Each year - each class - is unique and exciting!

English 9 is a mix of reading, writing, speaking, and listening - the basic communication skills everyone needs every day.  We focus heavily on reading - for information, to escape, to meet new people and experience new places, and most importantly - to grow!

I teach part-time.  My teaching schedule is:

Fall Semester

1st Block -- English 9
2nd Block -- English 9

Spring Semester
1st Block -- Honors English 9
2nd Block -- Honors English 9

Tutoring will be available on Monday afternoons from 3:30 until 4:00. 

The class syllabus, including standards for English 9 and other valuable information, is available through the link below.

Parents and students are encouraged to contact me by email - tallgood@asheboro.k12.nc.us.  I will be available to respond in the late afternoon or evening.

Class Syllabus