Lori Hurley


Lori Hurley


Interior Design, Apparel 1 & 2, CTE Advanced Studies,
Parenting & Child Development

Fall Semester 2017

1st block  - Interior Design

2nd block - Interior Design 

3rd block -  Planning 

4th block -  Parenting & Child Development


I will be available Mondays or Thursdays after school for tutoring or for making up missed class time or tests.  Students planning to stay will need to be in the classroom no later than 3:30.  There will be bus transportation provided at 5:00 p.m. on Mondays and Thursdays for students staying for school activities.

My Philosophy:

I believe that education is valuable to every person to achieve his or her goals in life.  It is about more than a diploma.  In every class you are learning skills, habits and information that will open doors and lead you down new paths.  It is up to you to walk through those doors.  If you invest in your education, it will invest in you.  I am glad to be part of your journey!