Schedule Change Request Letter

Schedule Change Request Letter
Posted on 08/10/2017
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Dear Students,

Much attention is given to careful course selection and creating a master schedule which allows the greatest number of students the best schedule possible. Therefore, following the completion of registration, schedule changes are extremely limited.  10th-12th grade students will note that a copy of their transcripts is included in this mailing.  Please review your transcripts as you also review your 2017-2018 course schedules. 

Please review your schedule carefully, both first and second semester.  No changes will be made at the beginning of the Spring term, except for reasons 3-6 as noted below.

A drop/add period has been scheduled from August 14 to August 18, 2017. Any student wishing to make a revision in his/her schedule must do so within the drop/add period. A schedule change request form can be completed in Student Services. Counselors will only schedule appointments on a need to basis. A request for a schedule change will be considered:

1.      If a student wishes to attempt to balance his/her academic load. (These requests will be considered on a “space available” basis.)

2.      If a student wishes to sequence courses that may be out of sequence.  (These requests will be considered on a “space available” basis.)

3.      If a student received a course for which he/she did not register. (When a student selects an alternate, the student has registered for that course. If a student did not list alternates, then courses scheduled are based upon availability.  Students that did not select alternates will not be granted a schedule change for alternates selected for them.)

4.      If a student passed a course which he/she assumed he/she would fail.  Please review your transcripts as included.

5.      If a student failed a course required for graduation. Please review your transcripts as included.

6.      Where possible, if a student failed a course, registered for the course again, and was assigned to the same instructor.

All requests for the entire school year must be submitted by the end of the drop/add period on August 18, 2017, at 4:00 P.M. All schedules are considered final when they are distributed on the first day of school.

Penny Crooks, Ph.D.
Assistant Principal