Dr. Penny Crooks

As a child growing up, my two saving graces that I had to look forward to were reading and school.  Reading opened my world, challenged me to think, and helped me to escape and experience all possibilities.  School provided stability, mental challenges, and opportunity. It is of little wonder that I became an English Teacher.  In coordination with my own diverse background and love of reading, my experiences teaching high school students of diverse backgrounds has fostered a passion for Adolescent Literacy, Diverse Learners, and Sociocultural perspectives.  These have led me to be a school administrator as I use these passions in trying to make a difference in the lives of our youths and our future.

I am pleased to begin my 7
th year serving as an Assistant Principal at Asheboro High School.  While I collaborate with many areas across the campus, I am most directly responsible for all 11th graders and 12th graders whose last names begin with N-Z.  I also oversee Asheboro High School’s Zoo School Program, located on our satellite campus at the North Carolina Zoo.  It is my pleasure to work with students, parents and teachers in helping students reach their potential and access every opportunity.  If you have any questions or need assistance, please do not hesitate to contact me at pcrooks@asheboro.k12.nc.us or 336-625-6185.