Graduation Requirements

AHS School Profile 2015-2016

Graduation Requirements for students entering 9th grade in 12/13 and beyond:
Credit Requirements for 9th Grade students

Graduation Requirements for students entering 9th grade between 09/10 - 11/12:
Additional Graduation Requirement Info

Units for graduation from Asheboro High School are counted from the9th grade forward. Students must successfully complete his/her maximumpotential for earning credit over a four year span less four units.Maximum potential is defined as an individual’s opportunity to earn allhigh school credits available within an academic year. Student may take amaximum of eight subjects each year in grades 9-12, for a total of 32units in four years.

A Graduation Project is also required to graduate. A GraduationProject will be completed during the Junior and Senior English classes.It is a four part process, consisting of the following components :

  • A typed/word processed research paper (completed in English III)
  • A physical product related to some aspect of the research paper (completed in English IV)
  • A portfolio documenting the entire process (completed in English IV)
  • An oral presentation which synthesizes the first three components and is given before a review board composed of teachers and community leaders (completed in English IV)

The research paper component of the Graduation Project has been addedto English III. This will be an 8-10 page research paper on a topic oftheir choice, approved by the Graduation Committee. The final paper willcount as 35% of the student' final exam grade. It is important to notethat the research paper must be completed in English III before studentswill be placed in Senior English.

Grades will be given for meeting established deadlines and for thecareful and thorough completion of the various components of theGraduation Project. To be successful, a Senior must complete and passall components of the project. The three components completed in theSenior English class will comprise 25% of the grade for 12th gradeEnglish.

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