Junior Guide

11th Grade

Near the beginning of the year, you should begin to narrow your choices to eight to ten colleges that have what you are looking for in courses, location, and extracurricular activities. Make sure that the colleges offer the major you wish to pursue. Throughout the year, many college representatives visit Asheboro High School to talk with students, so plan to take advantage of these opportunities.

During the first semester, research colleges on your list and begin looking at admissions requirements and financial aid, merit and need based. Also visit the AHS Student Services webpage and MOODLE page to begin researching college scholarship opportunities.

You will need to give yourself several more opportunities in preparing for your final SAT/ACT. In addition, you are strongly encouraged to register for the PSAT (Preliminary Scholastic Aptitude Test/National Merit Scholarship Qualifying Test). The PSAT will be administered in October for Juniors that sign up for it. The ACT can be used as an alternative to taking the SAT. Consult with your counselor for more information. All Juniors will take the ACT.

When spring registration is held, sign up for academically rigorous courses. College admission is competitive, and courses you are taking your senior year will show up on your transcript. As you plan your senior schedule, check graduation requirements to be sure you are taking the courses for the colleges or jobs in which you are interested.

By the summer of your junior year, you should try to reduce your list of potential colleges to four or five. You and your family might try to schedule some vacation time during the summer to visit campuses to check dorms, dining halls, student unions, and other spots that interest you.

CFNC:  Student Planner Timeline
- A high school planning timeline created by CFNC to help eleventh grade students plan for college.

ACT College Planning Checklist
- A college planning checklist created by ACT, Inc.

Bigfuture by The College Board
- Resources to help eleventh grade students create a college plan.

College Preparation Opportunities through CFNC
- Explore enrichment opportunities based on interest areas.

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